Provide LOWEST Fees for our Consignors to make the HIGHEST Profits


Provide LOWEST Prices for our Shoppers

Promote Vendors

Promote Local Vendors and their Businesses

Promote Non-Profits

Donate Tables and Promote Non-Profit Vendors


Keep thousands of items out of landfills & recycle to those in need.

Charity Checks

Donate 100% of the Charity PreSale Ticket Proceeds to a Local Charity

Charity Donations

Donate Thousands of Unsold Items to Local Charities

Book donations

Donate ALL Unsold Books to a Local Charity


Local charities

the Genesis Center

100% of our Charity PreSale Tickets & most Unsold Items are donated to the Genesis Center of Washington, PA!

In 2023 we donated so far $4,035 to the Genesis Center of Washington, PA!

Previous Year Donations to the Genesis Center of Washington, PA:

2022: $4,145 | 2021 : $2,815 | 2020 : $3,090 |  2019 : $3,090 |  2018: $2,500

The Salvation Army

All of our unsold books are donated to The Salvation Army of Washington, PA!

Each year we donate a VAN FULL of boxes full of books to support The Salvation Army’s Mission for their Literacy Programs!

For our 2023 Holiday Sale we also gave them a Donation Check from our Charity Presale for $1,035 and in 2022 for $1,590.

The City Mission

All of our remaining unsold items are donated to The City Mission of Washington, PA!

Each year we donate over 10 big blue bins or more (TRUCK LOAD) of items to The City Mission of Washington, PA.

We are a proud supporter to:


Unsold/Donated Maternity, children sizes newborn to size 4, shoes up to 9 1/2 toddler, baby items & equipment will be donated to The Genesis Center, Washington PA.

They provide support & services to those women facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption or foster care. They will not accept Books, Movies, or Toys of any kind; ONLY NECESSITY ITEMS.

The Salvation Army

All Unsold Books are donated to The Salvation Army, Washington PA.
They provide books to local children in need through their Mission Literacy Effort Programs.

Captain Amber puts thousands storybooks into the community. Giving families opportunities to engage with one another and help encourage a love of reading. Literacy changes lives!

The City Mission

Unsold/Donated Children sizes 5 and older, toys and misc. items will be donated to The City Mission, Washington PA

Money raised from the sale of our donations help with their Life Transforming Programs such as:
The Patriot House for Homeless Veterans and the NEWLY Renovated Women’s & Children Shelter!