Turn Your Kiddos Clutter into Cash as a Seller with KID MANIA !

Consignors retain 60%-80% of what they sell.  Our average consignor makes $500-$600.

3 days to sell up to 400 Items. NO Meet Ups, NO Bartering, NO Constant Selling, NO Cancellations!

Manage your inventory, schedule Help Shifts (optional) & Drop Off Shifts… all from the convenience of your home

20 years strong!

Join our well established sale. Voted Best Consignment Sale in Western PA with over 4,000 shoppers!

Consignor Registration $15

OPENS mar 17 – 9am

Regular Consignor slots fill up FAST.
After that, we have a waiting list. We are that popular!

Need help?

Need Help Registering?

Watch this video on how to Register as a Consignor.  Some of the screens on our website have been updated since this video was created.

Navigating the Consignor Homepage

Watch this video on how to use your Consignor Homepage once you are registered.  Some of the screens on our website have been updated since this video was created.


We have included a helpful guide on the consigning process.

Type of Consignors


A Restocking Consignor is a consignor who signs up AFTER our Regular Consignor Spots are full for our KID SALES Only
You will receive 60%-80% of what you sell
You can sell 25-400 Items
Your Drop Off times are the day after the Presale
Restockers will be BUMPED to a Regular Consignor in order of registration if someone backs out.



Step 1: Register

Registrations OPEN: MAR 17th @ 9am

Consignor Registration fee is $15 to receive an ID# and receive Instructions via email. You will be able to now do everything from your own personal Consignor Portal from the convenience of your home.

Consignor Login

DISABLE DATE: APR 27th @ 11:59pm

This is the last day to ENTER your items for sale OR Edit any information into the system. The system will shut down Saturday at 11:59pm in order to network the computers. Printing price tags and viewing reports will still be available after this date.

Step 2: Prepare Your Items

Gather your items, check against accepted items, enter your inventory into your Consignor Portal, print & attach your tags to your items. It’s that simple!

Step 3: Schedule Drop Off & Help Shifts

Drop Off Times

From you Consignor Portal select an OPEN Drop Off Shift that works for you.

Schedule Drop Off Shift

Regular Consignors:
-Mon 12:00pm – 8:30pm & Tues 9:00am – 8:30pm
Restocking Consignors:
-Thurs 11:00am – 7:30pm
By It Now Sellers:
-Thurs 5:00pm – 7:00pm

-Tues 9:00am – 8:30pm & Wed  9:00am – 8:30pm

Drop Off
  • Schedule: Drop Off Shifts are every 1/2 hour. If someone is dropping off for you, complete the CONSIGNOR Drop Off Waiver and have them bring it with your items at drop off.
  • Check In: Follow the signs for the Check In Desk: verify all of your information, sign your Waiver/Recall Form, receive your PreSale Pass(s) and be directed to an inspection station and instructions on how to bring in your items.
  • Inspection: Have your items ready on hangers by Gender, then Size Order and together by Category.  Consignors will be responsible to UNLOAD their items onto Rolling Racks and on Tables for inspection.
  • Receive A Golden Ticket for a Perfect Inspections OR if you DONATE ALL (all price tags must say Donate:YES and printed on  YELLOW Card Stock Paper)

help shifts (optional)

Consignors who Help retain more and shop early! From you Consignor Portal select an OPEN Help Shift that works for you.

Schedule Help Shift

0 Shifts Retain 60% (base) of your sales
1 Shift Retain 65% of your sales
2 Shifts Retain 70% of your sales
3 Shifts Retain 75% of your sales
4 Shifts Retain 80% (MAX) of your sales

  • You can have Family/Friends to help one of your scheduled Shifts.
  • Special Hours to the PreSale if a Family/Friend Helps you.

Step 4: Pick Up or donate items

Pick Up unsold items

If ALL of your tags are marked for donation & on yellow card stock you DO NOT schedule a pick up shift. If your items are NOT ALL donated, you must pick up your unsold items. From your Consignor Portal select an OPEN Pick Up Shift that works for you.

  • Unsold Items Report – This report shows what did not sell to help you pickup unsold items. KID MANIA will upload this report as soon as the last customer is out of the building. You can PRINT and bring with you or have on your phone.
  • Pick Up Items from the Floor: Bring your Unsold Items Report, find your items from the floor & take to a Sign Out Station. See Floor Map to help you locate your items.
  • Check Out: Once the Sign-Out Coordinator verifies you are only taking YOUR items home, you sign out and exit the building.

Items cannot be left assuming we will donate or you may be charged a $30 NO SHOW fee from the settlement check.


Consignors indicate on their price tags if their item is for donation with DONATE: YES on Yellow Card Stock. KID MANIA will automatically pull those items marked for donation off the floor before pick up.


  • Donation Reports: Found on your Consignor Homepage and must be printed before we open our next event.
  • Donation Tax Receipt: Available by emailing:
  • Additional Donations: May be made even if the price tag is not marked for donation… at pick up please add the items to the donation pile and keep a list to update your Donation Report.

Missing Items?

KID MANIA has safety measures in place with Consignors & Helpers that watch over your items to keep our missing items to a minimum.  However, there can be a time where a small item may go missing.

  • First check to see if it was moved from a shopper and put in another location.
  • Check our Lost and Found when you Pick Up to see if the tag went missing.
  • Check the bottom of your Sellers Report. If it did not scan we assign it a number and you still receive the sale.
  • KID MANIA does not take items home, so after you leave the building, anything left over will be placed in the donation bins. (per the Seller Agreement and Sign Out Waiver).
  • If you still DO NOT find your item, please refer to your Seller Agreement where KID MANIA LLC will not be held liable.  We suggest you write your item off as a DONATION.

Step 5: Get Paid

Electronic check

Consignors retain 60% – 80% (max) of their total sales depending on the number of help shifts or referrals.

  • eChecks Sent: Consignor settlement checks are sent to the email address on their registration within 2 weeks from the end of the sale.
  • 5 days to report any discrepancies.  After 5 days or the check has been cashed, all discrepancies are VOID.
  • Cash eChecks ASAP: Consignors must cash within 2 weeks of receipt so we can balance out our sale.   Print them and deposit via your mobile device or a bank teller. DO NOT USE AN ATM MACHINE.


Clothing & Accessories

Clothing (Size: Newborn – 16)
Shoes (Size 0- 7 1/2)
Socks & Tights
Hats & Belts & Sunglasses
Hair Bows & Jewelry
(We do NOT take Maternity or Jr Sizes)

Baby Gear

Car Seats*
High Chairs
Bouncers & Bumbos*
New Breast Pumps

Furniture & Bedding

Changing Tables
Pack & Plays
Rocking Chairs
Bedding (no fiber fill)
Home Decor


NEW Melissa & Doug
Baby Toys
Building Sets


Diaper Bags
Lunch Boxes
Designer Purses*
Accepted Designer Purses

Boutique Brands

We no longer have a Boutique Section
They are mixed in with Regular Sizes

Crew Cuts
Hanna Anderson
Janie & Jack
Matilda Jane
Mud Pie
Tea Collection


Computers, iPads, Tablets
TV & Computer Monitors
Computer Games
Video Games
Game Systems

Large Toys

Ride On Toys
Outdoor Toys
Train Tables
Activity Tables

Teacher items

Books: Teacher Curriculum
Books: Teacher Prof. & Dev.
Books: Teacher Resources
Décor: Teacher Classroom
Furniture: Flexible Seating
Teacher related Novelty Gifts
Supplies: Classroom
Toy: Manipulatives
Toy: Science
Toy: Science Habitats

Office Supplies

Binders / Inserts
Highlighters / Markers
Index Cards
Notebooks / Tablets
Paper Clips
Pencils / Boxes / Sharpeners / Erasers
Scissors / Staplers / Staples

*items with an asterisk require A CHECKLIST


accepted items for our holiday sale:

We do modify what we accept and don’t accept for our other sales. Our Holiday Sale we accept most of the kid sale stuff plus Holiday items. Click on this link:

Holiday Sale Accepted Items

We do have LIMITS:

Consignors can sell 25 – 400 Items (1 price tag = 1 Item count toward 400).
-You can have a Multiple Set (pant/shirt together) listed on 1 price tag. It will equal as 1 item count toward 400 limit; your limit is by the number of price tags printed.

We DO have a limit on Shoes:
Kid Shoes LIMIT = 15 pair boys & 15 pair girls up to Teen Size 7 1/2

We Donate Unsold Books

We DO NOT donate unsold books in our Teacher Section that will be for resources/curriculum.

All other Books that are not sold by the end of the event will NOT be returned to the consignor.  ALL Books will be donated to our local charity as part of helping our literacy programs in our community.

Not Accepted Items

Recalls are NOT Accepted

It is the consignor’s responsibility to check ALL of their items against recalls against the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Please take this seriously as you signed an agreement you are checking all of your items.
Links to verify your items are NOT Recalled and are safe to use/sell:
Consumer Product Safety Commission (
Reseller’s Guide to Selling Safer Products ( ( (
National Highway Traffic Safety (Cars & Seats:
Kids In Danger (Blog sign up)

Items NOT Accepted

-Maternity or Jr. Size Clothing
-Designer Purses that are counterfeit, knock-offs, replicas, fakes
-Nothing stained, dirty, pilling, broken, missing pieces, outdated
-Nothing with a foul smell including smoke, mildew, moth ball
-Underwear, Nipples or Teethers (only NEW IN PACKAGING)
-Breast Pumps (only NEW and not used)
-Battery Operated Toys or Equipment without working batteries
-VHS Tapes
-Bumbo Baby Seat without a strap to buckle
-Car Seats/Car Base/Car Booster Seat over 5 years old or withoutthe checklist
-Cribs manufactured before 7/23/10, cribs with drop down sides or without the checklist
-Mattresses Twin Size or Larger (only crib or toddler bed size)
-Bedding (comforters, pillows, bumper pads) with Fiber Fill
-Stuffed Animals or Dolls with Fiber Fill
-Bath Tubs unless they are pre-stamped with a date after 10/2017

-M@C Discount Items or other Retail Liquidation Items bought by the pallet, are NOT accepted.  Only your OWN personal items that you are selling for less than you bought it for (per our Seller Agreement). We are a Consignment Sale NOT a Resale (which requires KID MANIA to send those resellers a 1099).

Prepare Items

All Clothes are on Hangers

Enter Items

To Create Bar Coded Price Tags

Price items

$1.00 Minimum
$0.50 Increments

Print Tags

Cardstock #65 lb+ Weight
White for DONATE: NO
Yellow for DONATE: YES

Sorting Items

Start early & sorting your items in bins by type of item.  Keep a running Sample Inventory Sheet inside until you are ready to enter your items into the system (OPTIONAL).  Examples would be a bin for:

  • Girl Clothes, Boy Clothes, Girl Shoes, Boy Shoes, Toys, Books, Electronics, etc…


We accept ANY kind of hanger as long as it fits the clothing & they are not falling off.  Start saving and hoarding those hangers today!

  • The best place to buy hangers would either be Walmart or Dollar Stores.

Tagging Guns vs. Safety Pins

Safety Pins are acceptable (NO STRAIGHT PINS or TINY GOLD PINS). Tagging Guns are faster to tag your items than pins!

girl clothes

Hanger faces to the right “?” and the tag is on the right side.

BOY clothes

Hanger faces to the left “BACKWARD ?” and the tag is on the left side.


Suggested pricing is ½ if NEW or ¼ if USED of the retail value. Bulk your items together to get at least $1.00 worth.

Kid Mania prices are in increments of $0.50 cents. If you do not know the retail price, check websites.

When pricing, remember that we are selling mostly USED items. Think, “Would I pay that price for a used item?”

Consignor Portal

  • Consignors login using the “Consignor Login” link at the top of the Kid Mania website.
  • Consignors login as many times as they want until the DISABLE DATE: Saturday, APR 27th at 11:59pm, to input or edit Inventory, Help Shifts, and Drop Off Shift; however, you will still have access to print your tags after this date.
  • Price Tags are printed at home on Card Stock Paper (weight 65# or heavier) WHITE Card Stock on Price Tags that have DISCOUNT: NO; and YELLOW Card Stock on Price Tags that have DONATE: YES. Do NOT use regular copy paper or textured paper. You can purchase Card Stock at Target, Walmart, Office Max, Staples, Sams. Do not alter the printed tags and do not put tape over the bar codes.
  • Consignors can view items sold AND unsold on this system at the end of each day of the event. Final reports will be available within 2 weeks after the sale is over to view your % of items sold.

Inventory Tag Descriptions

CATEGORY: Review all options and select the best description; BE ACCURATE AND CHOOSE THE RIGHT CATEGORY / SIZE! It is important because certain items are coded taxable!  Scroll down to read each category.  It is also used to create our MEGA floor plan.

SIZE: All clothing MUST have a size.  If you have a 3 month Item, please select “Clothing: 3 month”; NOT “Shoes: 3″. Always pick the size that it Starts With: ex 3-6mo, select “Clothing: 3month”.. ALL Clothing must have a size! ONLY if it is an item that is not worn, such as a TOY, select the option “LEAVE BLANK”.

DESCRIPTION # 1: Brand Name & Type (Example: Carters Dress)

DESCRIPTION # 2: Color & Description (Ex: Red with Blue Flowers) As descriptive as you can without going over allotted space.

PRICING: Price starts at $1 & in increments of $0.50. Consignors make their own prices. (see our pricing chart for help)

DISCOUNT: Check this box if you want to sell it for 1/2 Price only on Sunday.

DONATE: Check this box to donate your item if UNSOLD.  (Donate:YES must be printed on Yellow Card Stock)

  • Items missing tags will NOT be sold and placed in Lost & Found (hoping the tag will be found). You have a chance to claim on Sunday during pick up; otherwise it will be placed in donations before we leave Sunday.
  • Be specific on your tags so we can SEARCH items missing a tag.  Don’t abbreviate with FP (Fisher Price) & Don’t just say “shirt”, we have thousands of them!
  • Lost & Found Items are not kept by KID MANIA, LLC.  If you are missing items, we suggest you write them off as a donation.

Inactive to Active Inventory

Past Consignor’s unsold Inventory stays in the system up to 24 months as INACTIVE. Consignors do not have to recreate tags unless it’s past the 24 months or if the tag needs editing. Once a sale is over, all unsold items that a consignor did not donate will go into an INACTIVE file. When the consignor pays their registration fee, they need to go to the file and make all the items they are bringing back to the upcoming event ACTIVE again (see below for instructions).

Please REPRINT your Price Tags if you make any changes to them.  Don’t forget if you change them to DONATE: YES you will have to print them on YELLOW Card Stock!

INACTIVE TO ACTIVE INSTRUCTIONS:  Log into your consignor homepage>Activities Menu Drop Down select “Work with Consigned Inventory”>select the “Inactive Inventory” Button>check mark next to items you are bringing back>select the “Activate Selected Items” Button.  DO NOT SELECT “MAKE ALL ITEMS ACTIVE” unless you know 100% each of those items are in your bin at drop off!!  Remember some items might be out of season, or you did not get them back at the end of the last sale (lost or donated).


Want to consign & declutter, but don’t have the time to do the work of entering, tagging, & prepping your items?  Reserve a Tagging Rep.

1. sign up

Sing up for this service with the request from below.

3. we tag it

Drop off items to a Tagging Rep. Pick them up when done.

2. register

Register EARLY as a Consignor & get an ID#/PSWD.

4. GET Paid

Drop items off at the venue, shop the presale & get an eCheck.


OPENS: March 10th | CLOSES: April 12th

How it Works – (Not for our Holiday Sale)

This service if for those busy moms who don’t have time to enter, tag, & prep their kid items, want to declutter, shop our presale & make some fast cash! You can sign up earlier than the regular consignors to secure your spot! It is only available for the KID Sales (Not for The Holiday Sales).

If we find an excessive number of stains, broken items, missing pieces or items NOT clean in gender/size order upon delivery, we WILL RETURN 100% of items back to you and we WILL VOID this Tagging Service Agreement. – Be prepared in advance!

  • Sign Up to Request to use our Tagging Service; wait for confirmation of availability
  • Register as a Consignor ($15 )EARLY before the regular registrations open
  • If registrations already opened, you can still Sign Up before the cut off date or we close it
  • Services will close if we reach our limit of request or by the closed date, whichever is first

  • Sell 25 – 400 Accepted Items (see tab) that you are the sole owner of. Cannot be for someone else and we DO NOT take M@C Bid Discount Items
  • 10% (min) of your items for sale must be other than clothing (ex: shoes, toys, books, equipment…)
  • ALL Items will be marked discounted and donated and priced by KID MANIA’s Rep
  • Clean all items and sort by gender/size in Rubbermaid containers with 1/2 full (leave space for hangers) NO EXCEPTIONS or we will give them back to you!
  • Larger items/toys that don’t fit in a container, fill out our Inventory Sheet
  • Cribs, Car Seat, Car Booster Seat or Car Seat Base & Designer Purses require a completed check list in order to sell
  • Items must be checked against recalls and have working batteries
  • Drop off items, Inventory Sheet, Checklists & Tagging Service Agreement to your Rep
  • We provide all the supplies (hangers, tags, packaging, zip ties, claim tickets, etc.)
  • Pick Up items, tagged, prepped & ready

  • Schedule a Drop Off Shift to deliver completed items to the venue to be sold
  • Schedule a Help Shift (optional) if you want an earlier Presale Pass (no discount off commission)
  • Do NOT schedule a Pick Up time, everything not sold is donated
  • Drop off is FAST no inspection, get your presale pass and take home your bins
  • Attend 2 Presales for Consigning
  • View what sold each night and view reports on your Consignor Portal
  • Commission is 50%-50% (no discounts)
  • $25 Supply Fee taken out of your eCheck
  • Receive an eCheck within 2 weeks

We BUY Equipment & Large Items !

Washington County Fairgrounds, PA
THURSDAY | MAY 2nd | 5:00pm-7:00pm | Hall 2

– Not an option for our Holiday Sale

Not consigning, but have some BIG items you want to clear out of your house quickly for fast Cash?  KID MANIA will buy it from you on the spot!


Sign up & tell us what you are bringing with a $10 deposit

3. Get an offer

We will make  you an offer right on the spot

2. Drop off

Bring your accepted items clean and ready

4. Take the $$

Accept our check, $10 deposit refund & Sunday presale pass


OPENS: April 1st | CLOSES: April 19th

$10 deposit required & returned only if you
show up & dop off items. (not refundable to NO SHOWS)

Unaccepted Items

M@C Discount Items or other Retail Liquidation Items bought by the pallet, are NOT accepted.  Only your OWN personal items that you are selling for less than you bought it for. We are a Consignment Sale not a Resale (which requires those resellers a 1099).

Accepted Items

We are taking requests until all slots are full, or by the close date, which ever comes first. We are only a accepting items for Hall 2 which are equipment, furniture & larger toys.  We will make you a fair offer based on how that item generally sells at our past events.  It will be slightly lower than the highest amount we offer to our consignors since we are doing all the entering,  tagging & giving you a check in hand!


Make sure your items arrive clean, nothing broken, no missing pieces & batteries included to verify it works.  Arrive at your appointment time at The Washington County Fairgrounds, PA | Hall 2.  One of our Managers will assist you & I will make an offer on the spot.  Accept our offer and receive payment & deposit refund, OR you can decline.  There is no obligation and your $10 deposit is refunded.