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Become a Vendor with KID MANIA


Registrations OPEN: March 15, 2020

Once Registrations Open on this date at 9am click the Vendor Registration button below to request to be a Vendor.  Tables are rented out in order of receipt (no duplicate companies).  Tables go FAST!  If you are not a vendor at this time and want to receive early reminders about future events, please sign up on our Email Mailing List!


Registrations CLOSE: April 11, 2020

Tables go FAST and we may close sooner than this date.  We will stop once we reach our limit.

Vendor Registration Open March 15, 2020

Become a Vendor

Become a Vendor with KID MANIA and you’ll reach thousands of families! We will help promote and grow your business with several options listed below.

We have thousands of shoppers with over 5,000+ people on our mailing list and 10,000+ on our Facebook Page. Our demographic area include people from Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Clarion, Fayette, Greene, Lawrence, Somerset, Washington and Westmoreland Counties. We are also have people come from as far away as Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.

Past Vendors have privileges in their agreement. One being that they have first dibs on renting a table before the next event. KID MANIA will send them an email a week before registrations open to send in their registration fee. If payment is not received, it is now open to all vendors on registration day, and tables are rented in order of receipt of their payment.


VENDOR TABLES: Vendors from the last event have first choice of renting a table. Once previous vendors have their option of returning, tables are rented out in order of receipt of their REGISTRATION FORM and FEE, then we will open it up to the public on registration day. The Vendor Team Leader will be doing a quick LIVE Video of all the vendor tables to post on KID MANIA’s Facebook Event Page during the event.

SALES: You keep 100% of what you sell. All sales are made at your table. You can also share a table with another business or consultant to split the cost of the table rental fee only (not shared advertising). We do not give out the tables to duplicate businesses names; however same kind of product. (ie. not two AVON Tables; however we can have an AVON and MARY KAY table.)

PROVIDED: KID MANIA will provide a full 6 foot table and you can display it any way that works for your business. There will also be a chair(s) and an electrical outlet at almost every table. The tables are located at the center of the room next to the checkout lines.

SET UP: Thursday before the event at 11:00am: Please Check-In at the front desk and remember to bring your signed VENDOR AGREEMENT for you and anyone working your table. Table selections are first come first service (no reserved tables). You are also solely responsible for everything at your table.  As a special privilege, you can also attend the PreSale from 3:00 pm-7:00 pm Thursday Night.

TAKE DOWN: No later that 2:00 pm on Sunday.

LEADER – Vendors: Ask about being a Leader and receive some KID MANIA Money!  You will Check In all Vendors, collect their agreements, and show them their tables. You will pamper each vendor and answer any questions. You will also take a short LIVE Video of each table to post on KID MANIA’s FB Page to share on our FB Event Page.

Vendor Fees

Vendors Renting a Table (Ala Carte):

$ 100.00  Table Rental (Thur 2pm-9pm, FRI & SAT 9am-9pm, & SUN 9am-2pm)
$   40.00  Website Ad Under VENDOR Tab w/link to your site (approx 6 months)
$   30.00  Receipt Ad (1,000 receipts the size of a business card)
$   50.00  Receipt Ad (2,000 receipts the size of a business card)
$   30.00  Facebook Ad w/link to your Facebook Page (week of sale)
$   30.00  Email Ad w/link to your site (week of sale)
$   FREE  We will do a LIVE Facebook Video & post to our Facebook Event Page
$ 230.00  TOTAL all above with 1000 Receipts
$ 250.00  TOTAL all above with 2000 Receipts

Vendors NOT Renting a Table:

$ 40.00  Website Side Bar Ad w/link to site (1 year)
$ 40.00  Receipt Ad (1,000 receipts the size of a business card)
$ 60.00  Receipt Ad (2,000 receipts the size of a business card)



What amazing deals!  You cannot go wrong with these discounts!

$ 200.00  Package 1
Table Rental / Website Ad w/link 6 mo / Email Ad w/link / Facebook Ad w/link / with Receipt Ad (2000)

$ 175.00  Package 2
Table Rental / Website Ad w/link 6 mo / Email Ad w/link / Facebook Ad w/link / with Receipt Ad (1000)

$ 155.00  Package 3
Table Rental / Website Ad w/link 6 mo / Email ad w/link / Facebook Ad w/link

$ 150.00  Package 4
Table Rental / Website Ad (NO link) / Email Ad w/link / Facebook Ad w/link / Receipt Ad (2000)

$ 125.00  Package 5
Table Rental / Website Ad (NO link) / Email Ad w/link / Facebook Ad w/link / Receipt Ad (1000)

$ 100.00  Package 6
Table Rental  / Website Ad (NO link) / Email Ad (NO link) / Facebook Ad ALL Vendors (NO link)