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Earn More

Increased Consignor %
Earn Kid Mania Money

Register to Volunteer

  • CONSIGNORS: Log into your Consignor Homepage and select your work shift(s)
  • VOLUNTEERS ONLY: Click the button below and select your work shift(s)
  • CONSIGNOR PRESALE PASSES will be given out during Drop Off as a consignor.
  • 15 min before your scheduled presale time listed above.
  • There will be a list of names and passes at the door waiting for you!
  • Only OPEN Shifts are available and they fill up FAST!

Family / Friend Workers

  • Consignors can have a Family Member or Friend to work shifts to help the Consignor earn a higher %!
  • Family & Friends Work Shifts are selected from the Consignor’s Home Page to track the Earnings %. Go to Consignor Login.
  • Family & Friends can now attend the Presale (passes are not combined).  We will ask the consignors at drop off the # of Shifts the consignor works for their pass and # of Shifts their Family/Friend worked for their pass. Passes given to the consignor.  (See Chart Above for times)
  • Consignors cannot sell for their friends/family…the friend or family MUST register as their OWN consignor. (See Agreement)
  • Husbands work great as security, rack set up and tear down.
  • Family & Friends arrive at the time you selected them to work & they must sign in and out next to your name and ID# on the Worker Sign In Sheet to receive credit.
  • The Family/Friend Worker Agreement is for them to sign. Print off and bring with you to give to the front desk when you drop off your items and obtain their presale pass!  Thank you.

Kid Mania Money

Earn Kid Mania Money

Earn $10 for 5+ shifts.
5 Shifts = $10
6 Shifts = $20
7 Shifts = $30, etc.
Per person. Not combined with Family/Friends working shifts for you.

Team Leaders

Approved Veteran Consignors will be elected to be a Team Leader… someone who will Volunteer to work an entire day to be in charge of other Volunteers.

  • Team Leader – Organizer: During Set Up you will be in charge of organizing the tables to keep items in the proper locations and PREPPED and STAGED Perfectly for pictures.
  • Team Leader – Volunteers: Will make sure Volunteers sign in and out and know their job duty. Will take their place if they need a bathroom break. Verify they are performing their job duties (not shopping). Will be a floater in between work shifts.
  • Team Leader – Vendors: You will Check In all Vendors, collect their agreements, and show them their tables. You will pamper each vendor and answer any questions. You will also take a short LIVE Video of each table to post on Kid Mania’s FB Page to share on our FB Event Page.
  • Team Leader – Tear Down: Will be responsible for specific areas during tear down. Keeping the Volunteers on task and helping in all areas.
  • Team Leader – Yard Signs: Will be in charge of the Advertising Volunteers of picking up, posting and return of yard signs. Will also be in charge of contacting townships for permission and rules for posting signs.


If you need to reschedule your volunteer times, log back in to edit. You will have until the disable date to reschedule. During the event, in case of an emergency, you need to contact Kid Mania via phone to find a replacement. Please don’t show up and not call, we need every volunteer!!

If you cancel after the disable date or don’t show up for your shift:

  • Consignors you will be FLAGGED & charged a “NO SHOW FEE” which is $10 for each hour taken from your settlement check and/or you will be removed from future PreSale Events.
  • Volunteers you will be FLAGGED and removed from future PreSale Events.

Kid Mania has yet to fire anyone or remove anyone from our events, but here are some great tips from Consignment Mommies with 5 ways NOT TO BE FIRED as a future Volunteer: