Tagging Service

For busy moms who want to consign without the work!

Let us do the work!

Want to consign & declutter, but don’t have the time to do the work of entering, tagging, & prepping your items?  Reserve a Tagging Rep.


1 Register

Register as a consignor and get an ID#/Password.

2 Sign Up

Sign up for this service using the form below.

3 Get it Tagged

Drop off items to a tagging rep.  Pick them up when done.

4 Get Paid

Drop items off at the venue, shop the presale & get an eCheck.

Tagging Service Request

KID MANIA is accepting a limited number of Consignors – Opens MAR 19

Tagging Service

How it Works

This service if for those busy moms who don’t have time to enter, tag, & prep their kid items, want to declutter, shop our presale & make some fast cash!

  • Register as a Consignor $15 and get an ID# and Password
  • Contact KID MANIA above that you want to use this service
  • Sell 25 – 400 Accepted Items that you are the sole owner & not someone else’s or [email protected] Discount Items
  • 10% (min) of your items for sale must be other than clothing (ex: shoes, toys, books, equipment…)
  • ALL Items will be marked discounted and donated and priced by KID MANIA
  • Clean all items and sort by gender/size in Rubbermaid containers with 1/2 full (leave space for hangers)
  • Larger items/toys that don’t fit in a container, fill out our Inventory Sheet
  • Cribs, Car Seats & Designer Purses require completed check lists
  • Items must be checked against recalls and have working batteries
  • Drop off items, Inventory Sheet, Checklists & Tagging Service Agreement to your Rep
  • We provide all the supplies (hangers, tags, packaging, zip ties, claim tickets, etc.)
  • Pick Up items, tagged, prepped & ready
  • Schedule a Drop Off Shift to deliver completed items to the venue to be sold
  • Schedule a Help Shift (optional) if you want an earlier Presale Pass (no discount off commission)
  • Do NOT schedule a Pick Up time, everything not sold is donated
  • Drop off is FAST no inspection, get your presale pass and take home your bins
  • Attend 2 Presales for Consigning
  • Commission is 50%-50% (no discounts)
  • $25 Supply Fee taken out of your eCheck
  • Receive an eCheck within 2 weeks