Tickets are NON-refundable/NON-transferable

Presale Passes and Tickets

Consignors, Helpers and Vendors will receive a PASS at the Venue ahead of time.  Only Charity & Early Access Presales require TICKETS.


Get your Ticket & Shop before the public!

Public Shopping FRI-SUN do NOT require
Tickets & FREE to attend.

Consignor & Helper PreSale

Thurs, MAY 4 : 10am – 6pm
{Registers Open at 12pm}

Shop the earliest by being a Consignor and by the #of Scheduled Help Shifts.

Consignor Passes are given at your scheduled drop off time.

Restocking Consignor Passes are at the front desk 15 min before your scheduled Presale.

Helper Passes are given to Consignor at Drop Off, or at the front desk 15 min. before your scheduled Presale. 

VIP Shopper Presale

Thur, MAY 4 : 2pm – 6pm

VIP Shoppers must have spent $500 or more (at one time & not combined with others; at a past event Friday-Sunday).  They would have received their LIFETIME VIP Shopper BLACK Bag as their Presale Pass.

These Bags ARE YOUR pass and you can bring 1 guest (Spouse, Parent or Child under 18).

Charity & Early Access PreSale

Thur, MAY 4 : 3pm – 6pm Charity Presale – $15 Ticket

Thur, MAY 4 : 4pm – 6pm Early Access Presale – $10 Ticket 

KID MANIA Charity Proceeds for the Holiday Sale are donated to The Salvation Army of Washington, PA.

Charity Presale Tickets are PER PERSON (and children under age of 18).

Early Access Presale you can bring 1 person (Parent, Spouse or Child) per ticket.

1/2 Off Price Day PreSale

Sun, MAY 7 : 8am – 9am
{Registers open at 9am}

Consignors, Vendors & Helpers Shop this 1/2 Price Day Presale

Entry is NOT permitted without a valid PreSale Pass (Picture on your phone)



Tickets will be available below
on APR 10th at 6pm: