Shop before the public !

We Restock after Presale and Opening Day

Volunteer & Consignor PreSale

Thu, May 2 from 3pm – 8pm {Registers Open at 5pm}

Shop the earliest by the # of Volunteer Shifts or being a Consignor.

VIP Shopper & Vendor PreSale

Thu, May 2 from 5pm – 8pm

VIP Shoppers must have spent $250 or more and received their LIFETIME VIP Shopper Bag as their Presale Pass.
These Bags are YOUR pass, you cannot bring someone with you (except a child).

Vendors renting a table at our Venue show their PreSale Pass given at Check in.

Charity & Hero PreSale

Thu, May 2 from 6pm – 8pm Charity Presale – $10 Tickets

Thu, May 2 from 6:30pm – 8pm Hero Presale -Free Tickets

KID MANIA Charity Proceeds are donated to The Genesis Center of Washington, PA.

KID MANIA Heros are if YOU or YOUR Spouse are a : Doctor, Nurse, Fire Fighter, EMT, Pregnant Mom, Police Officer, Teacher or in the Military.  (Badge/ID Required with e-ticket)

LIMITED PreSale Passes
Available BELOW

APRIL 8th (5pm)

1/2 off Day PreSale

Sun, May 5 from 8am – 9am  {Registers open at 9am} Consignors and Friends of Consignors | Volunteers

Entry is NOT permitted without a valid PreSale Pass (Picture on your phone)