Shop before the public !

We restock after the presale and before the public sale.

**JUNE CHANGES – ALL Shoppers must have a ticket and shop by appointment only.  Shopping is for 1.5 hours each ticket.**

Both PRESALE TICKETS and PUBLIC TICKETS can be purchased below.

Consignor & Helper PreSale

Mon, JUNE 28 : 12pm – 5pm
{Registers Open at 1:30pm}

Shop the earliest by being a Consignor and by the #of Scheduled Help Shifts.

Consignor Passes are given at your scheduled drop off time.

Restocking Consignor Passes are at the front desk 15 min before your scheduled Presale and we will send you an email for the Friends of Consignor Presale Passes.

Helpers can only be Consignors or a family/friend of the consignor.  The Consignor will pick up the family/friend presale pass for you, otherwise, the passes will be at the front desk 15 min before your scheduled presale.**New for JUNE we will not have a friends of consignor presale.**

VIP Shopper Presale

Mon, JUNE 22 : 3:30pm – 5pm

VIP Shoppers must have spent $250 or more (at one time/not combined with others; at a past event Friday-Sunday).  They would have received their LIFETIME VIP Shopper Bag as their Presale Pass.

These Bags ARE YOUR pass, you cannot bring someone with you (except a child, spouse or parent).

Charity & Hero PreSale

Tue, JUNE 23 : 11am – 12:30pm Charity Presale – $15 Tickets

Tue, JUNE 23 : 1pm – 2:30pm Charity Presale – $10 Tickets

Tue, JUNE 23 : 3pm – 4:30pm Hero Presale – $1 Ticket

Tue, JUNE 23 : 3pm – 4:30pm Hero Presale – $1 Ticket

KID MANIA Charity Proceeds are donated to The Genesis Center of Washington, PA.

KID MANIA Heroes are if YOU or YOUR Spouse are a : Doctor, Nurse, Fire Fighter, EMT, Pregnant Mom, Police Officer, Teacher or in the Military.  (Badge/ID Required with e-ticket)

1/2 Off Price Day PreSale

Sun, MAY 3 : 8am – 9am
{Registers open at 9am}

Consignors, Helpers, Friends of Consignors & Vendors

Entry is NOT permitted without a valid PreSale Pass (Picture on your phone)

**JUNE Sale will NOT be having a 1/2 Off Price Day Presale**

PRESALE and PUBLIC SALE Tickets will be available below JUNE 15th at 6pm