Consignor Instructions

Earn 65% – 80% of what you sell!    |    Sell up to 400 Items!

Step 2: Prepare Items

Enter Inventory & Prepare Items

Step 3: Schedule

Schedule Drop Off & Work Shifts

Step 4: Wrap Up

Pick Up/Donate & Get Paid

Step 1: Sign Up & Register

Email Sign Up / Facebook Event RSVP

You can start NOW by signing up on our email list to get early reminders about Registration.  Don’t forget to RSVP Going/Interested to our Facebook Event Page for this current event to stay up to date with contests and pictures LIVE from the event!

Registrations – OPEN March 17th

Click the Consignor Login Button to the right to Register.  The fee is $15 to receive an ID# and Password.  You’ll receive a Welcome Email with FULL Consignor Instructions!  We close registrations within 2 weeks or FULL; whichever is sooner.

Referrals – EARN MORE!

As a Consignor you Earn 60% of what you sell.  If you Volunteer or have referrals you can Earn up to 80%
If you refer someone to consign or be a vendor, if they tell KID MANIA your name as the person who referred them,
you earn 5% for each ACTIVE referral (they cannot drop out of the event).

Disable Date – April 27th

This is the last day to ENTER your items for sale OR Edit any information into the system.  The system will shut down Saturday at 11:59pm in order to network the computers.  Printing price tags and viewing reports will still be available after this date.

Step 2: Prepare Your Items

Gather your items, check against accepted items, enter your inventory online, print your tags, attach tags to your items. It’s that simple!

We do have LIMITS:

We don’t limit categories (except shoes): only the total number of items to sell:
> 25-400 Items for NEW Consignors
> 25-600 Items for Past Consignors with a last sell thru rate of 70%-79%
> 25-800 Items for Past Consignors with a last sell thru rate of 80%+
Limit Exception: Shoes = 15 pair for boys & 15 pair for girls
Last Sale Consignor Sell-Thru Report

Step 3: Schedule Drop Off & Work Shifts


Drop Off Times

Tue 3:00pm – 8:30pm
Wed 9:30am – 8:30pm
Thurs 9:00am – 1:30pm
Fri 6:00pm – 8:30pm (restock consignors)

Drop Off
  • Schedule: Once you are registered, log into your Consign homepage and use the link to schedule your drop off. Choose an open time that works best for you. They are scheduled every 1/2 hour.
  • Location: Hall 1 during your scheduled drop off time: unload, move your car, come back in to check in.
  • Check In: In Hall 1 at the front desk: verify all of your information, sign your Waiver/Recall Form, receive your PreSale pass(s) and be directed to an inspection station.
  • Inspection: Have your items ready on hangers by Gender, then Size Order and together by Category. Check our Accepted Items list including recalls. We do charge rejected items fees. A volunteer will take your items to the floor.
  • Bin: If you are NOT donating ALL of your items, please leave behind 1 plastic storage bin (NO LID) with your ID# and Name on both of the short ends of the bin. 18 gallon – 20 gallon max.
  • EARN A Golden Ticket for a Perfect Inspections OR if you DONATE ALL (all tags must say Donate:YES)
Volunteer Work Shifts (Optional)

Consignors who Volunteer for work shifts earn more and shop early! As little as one 3 hour shift earns you benefits.
0 Work Shifts Earn 65%, 1 Work Shift Earn 70%, 2 Work Shifts Earn 75%, 4 Work Shifts Earn 80% (MAX TO EARN)


  • You can add Family/Friends to volunteer for your through your Consignor homepage.
  • You may not sign up to volunteer during your drop off shift.
  • Special Hours to the PreSale if you Volunteer

Step 4: Pick Up/Donate & Get Paid


Pick Up Times

Sun 7:00pm – 8:00pm
(no apt. required)

Pick Up
  • Location: Hall 1 after the event on Sunday.
  • Pack Up: Items are placed in ID# order. Bring extra bins if needed. Upscale Consignor bins will be secured behind Checkout.
  • Check Out: Be sure to sign out at the front desk.

Items cannot be left assuming we will donate… we will assess a $30 fee from the settlement check.


Consignors indicate on their price tags if their item is for donation. Kid Mania will automatically pull those items marked for donation off the floor before pick up.

  • Donation Reports: Found on your Consignor Homepage and must be printed before we open our next event.
  • Donation Tax Receipt: Available by emailing:
  • Additional Donations: May be made even if the price tag is not marked for donation… at pick up please add the items to the donation pile and keep a list to update your Donation Report.
Missing Items?

KID MANIA has security on site, volunteers that watch over items and many safety measures to keep our missing items to a minimum.  However, there can be a time where a small item may go missing.

  • First check our Lost and Found when you Pick Up to see if the tag went missing.
  • Check the bottom of your Sellers Report if it did not scan we assign it a number and you still receive credit.
  • If you still DO NOT find your item, please refer to your Seller Agreement where KID MANIA LLC will not be held liable.  We suggest you write your item off as a DONATION.

You will receive 65% of your profits with a potential to receive up to 80% (max.) of your earnings by additional % if you Volunteer for work shifts or have referrals.

  • Checks: A settlement check will be sent to your address on your registration within 2 weeks of the event. You have 5 days to report any discrepancies, once the check has been cashed. Checks must be cashed within 2 weeks so we can balance out our sale. We do not provide replacement checks, so cash them fast before they get misplaced!